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Our land, the Venetian, gave us the raw material as a present: the thermal water and the beneficial mud that, from over 2000 years are used with extraordinary results for the care of our body and for the beauty treatments.
Our Centre, "Terme di Relilax" is a wellness comfort heaven and the thermal pools which have been up to dated year by year for the last three decades offer a renovated Relax, to restore us by the frenetic 'last minute' life we live every day.


The Relilax® Spa, a soft and comfortable refuge where you can gently slow down the pace and get back vitality. You can let yourself go in thermal treatments, delicate mud baths, treat yourself to massages and beauty treatments, and make use of aesthetic medicine to give yourself a more relaxed smile and a fresher look. The value of the spa services is given by our operators, discreet professionals who will make you blossom again.

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Dog friendly

Dog friendly
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