Relilax Method

Even cooking is the eulogy of pleasure: food is intense like a ritual, like gastronomy of the mind to nourish the body.
At Relilax® the table is enriched by balanced, light and dietetic meals, always in line with the treatments chosen: they are prepared with the best products and ingredients, also from organic farms.
They can be enjoyed in three different areas, dedicated to breakfast, the main meals and open-air snacks.

How does the Relilax diet work?

First of all, the Relilax guest visits the Health Director to check his or her health and to plan a customized stay. Those who choose the diet will be sent to the dietician, who they will give a general description of their eating habits and style of life to. An evaluation will be made, alongside the goals to be reached, which could be detoxification or weight loss, or simply the desire to better understand how to have a correct and healthy diet. The Relilax diet aims at diet re-education and is customized according to the right calorie intake for each guest and his or her tastes. A B.I.A exam is also fundamental, which enables qualitatively and quantitatively assessing the composition of body mass. The diet is based on 3 meals a day and 1 snack, prepared using premium quality and selected foods, favouring vegetables and fresh fish, lean meats and fruit in season. The effectiveness of the diet is also guaranteed by the addition of food integrators and natural infusions that help purification and psycho-physical wellness. During the stay, individual response to the program will be evaluated daily and possible modifications will be made.
At the start of the program the guest will be given a diet to follow at home in order to continue after the stay. Furthermore, Relilax offers the possibility of phoning or e-mailing the dietician free of charge in order to monthly check results and possibly barrage appointments in the day spa.