ALCARELILAX PLUS weight-loss diet, healthy balance

You will get two benefits from our ALCARELILAX PLUS weight-loss diet: restoring precious balances and starting the journey to significant weight loss.

A program designed for 6 nights at our hotel, which alternates massages and treatments with a weight-loss diet, based on the relationship between alkalinity and acidity in our bodies.

In addition, you will have free access to the Relilax Spa in order to benefit from the thermal pools, sauna, Turkish bath, aromatherapy showers and much more.

After having performed the BIA exam, as well as blood and urine tests, our dietician and Health Director will follow your weight-loss program during your stay. We feel it is important to stress that the entire program has been designed in order not to make you feel the classic restrictions of dieting.

Montegrotto and Abano Terme are just around the corner from Padua, so for anyone in the area you could start your program with us and then easily come back to continue. Instead, for those living further away, you can cyclically return so we can help you with maintenance.

Read the section about offers and choose the package that suits you best or call us for advice. We are always at you complete disposal.