Montegrotto Terme 5-star Spa, relax in the pool

At our 5-star hotel in Montegrotto, the lounge is a place to relax in reading your favorite newspaper, listening to soft music and sipping one of our smoothies, right next to the pools.

To help you relax even more at our 5-star spa in Montegrotto Terme, we have also created a lounge that recalls a living room at home.

Relax and family moments

This area reminds us of family moments: after lunch, sipping coffee, reading a book, in the late afternoon when you return from a long day of work and you sit on the sofa to chat, or in the evening, with a glass of Prosecco and good company.

Attentively furnished: armchairs, sofas and soft lights prevail and there is a selection of newspapers. The Staff can serve you coffee or our famous extracted juices and herbal teas, which are perfect while you use the 5-star spa.

The Staff can serve you coffee, our famous extracts and herbal infusions: note the service as well as the quality of what we have on offer – they are what set our 5-star hotel apart from the others.

Veranda and garden

As Montegrotto is very close to Padua, we can also use this space to organize events to celebrate your special days, for book presentations, small conventions or meetings, or coffee breaks for conferences/training courses held in the room upstairs.

This area is quite isolated from the nearby Bistrot and has access to the veranda and the garden from the large glass doors.

Come visit us, Relilax Spa and the hotel will meet all your needs. You will be nothing less than satisfied.

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