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5-star Hotel in Montegrotto Terme, Belvedere breakfast

The Belvedere Room is where our 5-star Hotel in Montegrotto Terme serves an international breakfast with organic products. You will be bowled over by the vast selection, and we like to think that you will find what you love most when you wake.

Sweet tooth? Our in-house bakery “Deliziosi Talenti” makes their own cakes and cookies.

Next to that you will find yogurt and three types of sliced fruit. If you prefer to have jellies, cereals and dried fruit, you’ll find them in the organic section. We make the jelly ourselves, with four different varieties available every day. On top of that, we always have two different types of honey. If it’s a savory breakfast you prefer, there is always scrambled egg, bacon, cheese and ham. To enjoy alongside that, we make five types of bread and crackers, to satisfy all tastes.

Our milk is available in soya, cow’s and rice varieties to cater for your lifestyle choices (vegan or vegetarian cuisine) or for food intolerances.

The buffet is completed with seasonal freshly squeezed juices and smoothies.

If you are already following a nutrition program, you will be served what our dietician Nicoletta, from the Beauty Thermal Center and Thermal pools Guest Relation Staff decides.

Book here, at the 5-star Hotel in Montegrotto Terme near Abano. It is easy to reach and most importantly, made for you.

We look forward to calling you back!
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