Night Light Massage, a unique experience

06 Nov 2017
Night Light Massage, a unique experience

In the Relilax world, we always try to offer unique experiences, to give you that feeling you cannot find anywhere else, with that dash of love we never fail to put into our creations.

The one we are describing today is called “Night light massage” and it is one of those perfectly crafted ideas whose magical setting makes the experience of a treatment in thermal water all the more profound, and a real moment of relaxation with positive sensations that stay with you.
The indoor Relilax pool is reserved exclusively for the guest who chooses this treatment and it is lit with candles and scented with incense.
An intimate session that gives this ancient massage performed at night in thermal water a sense of the sacred.
Night Light Massage is “the dance of breathing in water”, it is surrendering yourself to the water, letting your body rise and fall in it and making your breathing the breathing of the water.

This treatment opens and harmonizes the CHAKRA, especially the heart chakra, which permits us to appreciate and enjoy the fullness of “everything”.
This treatment delicately, slowly and gradually reawakens the cellular memory of our prenatal aquatic life.

The more freely our body moves in water and we experience the sensation of it flowing on our skin and feel the certainty of its support, the more this flowing penetrates, layer after layer, deep down into our “being”, allowing us to delicately reach and listen to our “Self”.

When experiencing the loss of boundaries that receiving watsu gives, it is as if our body was no longer contained and limited by our skin, rather it has expanded in the surrounding water. This treatment has a powerful ancestral quality.

Receiving watsu is love of yourself. For info on wellness options click here and find out more about the relilax world.


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