New D³ Relilax Reset

New D³ Relilax Reset

A 3-day “coupon” to sample the Relilax® method and feel good.

THE RELILAX® APPROACH: each person is a world in themselves.

The D³ Factor program is suitable for everyone, with no age limit, even several times a year, as it is a natural approach, completely free of side effects and under medical supervision. The therapies are homotoxicology-based (with personalized homeopathic remedies chosen relative to the study of the effects the toxins have on the body) and massage-based, combined with the exclusive Thermae Relilax® program (Fango Vivo-Bathing therapy and Thermal Cave) along with physical training, supported by alkalizing food regime AlcaRelilax®.

Relilax Thermal Baths with thermal water pools, magnesium water pools, and the Spa complement each other perfectly for your relaxation and wellness vacation.

The programs offered here represent a starting point, and according to the needs of our guests, they are then personalized following a medical exam, the exam results and a series of parameters assessed by the Doctor.

We would be happy to arrange a telephone conversation with Doctor Di Blasio, so that you can discuss the benefits of these programs and together assess the best option for you.


All “RELILAX D³ factor” programs include:

  • “AlcaRelilax” full board overnight stays from arrival dinner to departure lunch
  • Consultation with Medical Director and dietician, B.I.A. test
  • Daily medical assistance
  • Personal book for notes
  • Unlimited access to Relilax Thermal Baths for the entire stay: thermal pools, magnesium and potassium water pools, sauna, steam room, bio sauna, Finnish sauna, sensory experience, aromatherapy showers and relaxation area.
  • Departure consultation with final BIA test and Home-based treatment

New D³ Relilax Reset

3 overnight stays

1 “Relilax® Thermae Ritual body” treatment
The foremost among all our body treatments, it revitalizes, hydrates and smoothes skin with an exfoliating aromatherapy massage

2 Curative Fango Vivo® treatments
Localized application of thermal Fango Vivo®

2 Dynamized thermal baths with ozone
Restorative bath in individual tub with ozonized thermal water, which has an oxigenating, relaxing and rejuvenating effect.

2 “D³” organic meso-therapeutic medical injection treatments (personalized)

2 Fango Vivo® Top Liver treatment (with Achillea mother tincture)
Cleansing and detoxifying poultice for the liver with the application of thermal Fango Vivo® and Yarrow mothertincture.

1 “AlcaRelilax®” Massage (50 mins)
Treatment that uses a special natural-bristle brush with deep detoxifying, blood and lymphatic circulation effects, promoting cell turnover

1 Lymphatic- Drainage massage, Vodder Methode (50’’)
Massage that uses gentle and effective strokes to reactivate the lymphatic flow, with a decongestant and detoxifying effect.

The following rates include the following Relilax services:
BreakfastBreakfast with rich buffet, eggs, cheese and savory, fresh fruit juices, 8 different types of bread, homemade jams and cakes, fruit salad and fresh fruit.
BathrobesSoft bathrobes, terry towels, rubber flip-flops for the spa and terry slippers for the room.

Terme Guest Relation
Terme Guest RelationConversation with the Guest Relation Terme that will give you the right information on how to use the Spa "Terme di Relilax" and the Beauty Thermal Center "Giardino fiorito" to better enjoy the Relilax experience and benefit from it according to your goals.
Spa and Pools
Spa and Pools "Terme di Relilax"Free access to the Spa and Pools "Terme di Relilax" from 9 to 24.00 with: “Le Palme” natural water pool surrounded by a private park, “Ardesia” thermal water pool, “Le Bolle” whirlpool minipool, Finnish sauna, Turkish bath, bio sauna, emotional path on river stones, 3 emotional showers , relaxation room.

GymGym with Technogym equipment on the 1st floor.
Bike service
Bike serviceFree rental of Relilax bikes.

Welcome Drink
Welcome Drink1 Welcome Drink to be used at the Ginco bar or at the Bistrot of the Baths
Access to the Spa and saunas area is not permitted to children under 16 years. Older people have access only to the two pools.

€1290 per person in a Maison Relilax room

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