Aromatherapy showers

Montegrotto Terme Spa: Aromatherapy showers for a reawakening

Montegrotto Terme Spa: Aromatherapy showers for a reawakening

Could our spa in Montegrotto Terme be without Aromatherapy showers?

A rhetorical question. Together with our emotional course, they pamper the sensorial part of us as well.

Downpour, Scottish, Fog and streams of cold water.
Energy entering through your pores, energizing cold and hot water massages, different types of mist and fragrances to reawaken your senses of sound, smell and touch.

Instead, in the emotional labyrinth you will walk over river pebbles, alternating hot and cold showers with chromotherapy.

The body is not just skin, bones and muscles. We move through this world with our five senses and often they are the most fatigued. Just think about how many disturbing noises we have to listen to, all the toxic smells we must endure, especially living in the city. That is why we wanted to create a space at the Spa to take care of the sense organs.

Montegrotto Terme and nearby Abano are the ideal place to spend a peaceful and relaxing vacation, as well as the perfect getaway from Padua, which is just 10 km away. We are waiting to take care of your tired bodies, marked by the stress of daily life. Contact us!

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