Bio Sauna

Spa Montegrotto Terme: Biosauna, easy relaxation

Spa Montegrotto Terme: Biosauna, easy relaxation

At the spa in Montegrotto Terme the Biosauna will be a unique experience for you.

It is made of wood from mountain farmhouses and has a temperature between 60 and 70 degrees and 40% humidity.

Its features put it somewhere in between a Turkish bath and a Finnish sauna and it is also called sanarium. You can rest in here a bit longer than usual and the greatest benefit comes from the essential oils, dried herbs and hay that revitalize the body. It helps to stimulate blood circulation, eliminate toxins and, consequently, it is very useful for those who need to lose weight.

It is probably clear to you that we strive to make your spa experience unique.

Montegrotto Terme and nearby Abano are waiting for you. Our Hotel and Beauty Farm can be easily reached by car or train, and if you arrive by plane just request our transfer service from Reception in advance.

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