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Thermal treatments

Thermal treatments

Thermal offers in Abano | thermal treatments and relaxations

Thermal Fango Vivo® treatments by Relilax®

The mud from the Terme Euganee is classified as a natural remedy and is guaranteed by a European Patent for its effectiveness in reducing inflammation, which is comparable to drug therapies but without the side effects.

This localized application is enhanced by an ozonized thermal bath.

Fango Vivo® Liver Top Relilax®

Cleansing and detoxifying poultice for the liver with the application of thermal Fango Vivo® and Yarrow mother tincture.

Duration: 25 minutes

€ 35

Partial Master Relilax® Fango Vivo®

Thermal Fango Vivo® used at room temperature combined with phytotherapeutic agents, applied topically for a soothing, anti-inflammatory and decongestant effect.

Duration: 25 minutes

€ 30

Total Master Relilax® Fango Vivo®

Thermal Fango Vivo® used at room temperature combined with phytotherapy ingredients, applied to the lower limbs, specifically for capillary fragility and lymphatic stasis.

Duration: 25 minutes

€ 55

Fango Vivo® and thermal water treatments: customized traditional therapeutic Fango vivo®

Localized application of thermal Fango Vivo® (Living Mud) plus ozonized thermal bath.

€ 42

Fango Vivo® decongestant facial for headaches and sinusitis

The thermal Fango Vivo®, wrapped in linen gauze, is applied locally to the paranasal and/or frontal sinuses for an anti-inflammatory and decongestant action, completed by a gentle massage to the face.

Duration: 25 minutes

€ 45

Thermal ozone bath

Restorative bath in individual tub with ozonized thermal water, which has an oxygenating, relaxing and rejuvenating effect € 30

€ 30

Aerosol or inhalation with thermal “mother” water

Inhalation of thermal steam and/or thermal salsobromoiodic water and micronized shower.

€ 16

Sweat Cave

Treatments conducted in the picturesque environment of the spa grotto, wearing a Relilax comfortable linen caftan. The hot thermal steam causes intense sweating, which promotes the elimination of metabolic waste and a deep detoxifying, decongestant and rejuvenating action.

Duration: 25 minutes

€ 36

Personalized lymphatic drainage thermal water pressure therapy

Lymphatic drainage and rejuvenation therapy with thermal water, conducted in a special tub where an operator manually directs the water jet for a localized and personalized massage.

Duration: 25 minutes

€ 45

Conditions for cancelling booked treatments:
Treatments not cancelled with at least 24 hours’ notice will be automatically charged

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