See “Les Nabis” after a spa day

04 Dec 2016
See “Les Nabis” after a spa day

If you find yourself with an afternoon free and you don’t know what to do, I suggest seeing the Les Nabis exhibit in Rovigo at Palazzo Roverella.

Rovigo is a 30-minute drive down the highway from Montegrotto, the historic center is lovely and welcoming and I had no problems finding a parking space, seeing that I went on a Friday afternoon after a day of thermal baths and spa.

Palazzo Roverella has been beautifully renovated, the exhibit is impressively set up and the admission price includes an audio tour, which doesn’t hurt.

Vedere "Nabis" dopo una giornata di Spa: Palazzo Barbarella

I wasn’t familiar with this art movement; I went because a kind young man at the reception of Relilax Hotel, who had seen the exhibit a week before, highly recommended it and gave me some useful tips!

The only artist in the exhibit that I knew was Gauguin, but I’ll tell you immediately that there’s hardly any of his work and what is there is not what will impress you the most.

I enjoyed the exhibit from the first room, which displays the works of artists who, toward the end of the 1800s, had made the town of Pont Aven in Brittany their natural artist colony, in an attempt to return to simplicity in both subjects and techniques.

Perhaps because I’ve been to Brittany several times (for those who don’t know, it is an area in the northwest of France, where Asterix and Obelix’s town is to be clear) and I’ve been charmed by that land and its landscapes, I found myself staring, enchanted, at the Britton women with their white bonnets and the magical seascapes by artists I had never heard of before.

However, in my opinion, the second part of the exhibit, on the lower level, is the best.

Les Nabis’ ideas of simple and immediate beauty reach Italy, they evolve and in the following rooms, you are literally enraptured by the large portraits and paintings that depict scenes of middle-class daily life, which I found beautiful.

So… I’m certainly not an art expert, but I feel that all in all it’s really worth going to Rovigo to see this interesting exhibit.

Hurry though because it closes on 14 January.

And if you don’t like it that much, you’ll be right in the historic center of the small and well-kept Rovigo and a couple of good spritz at the closest bar will make your excursion even better.


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