Dog Friendly

Montegrotto dog friendly hotel, love on four legs

We are proud to say that our hotel in Montegrotto is dog friendly.

We all love animals and we understand how difficult it is to leave them at a kennel or with friends at home when we go on holiday.

That led us to thinking about this possibility. If you want to bring your small- or medium-sized companion, the daily rate is € 20.

After your departure, the rooms undergo a particular cleaning process to guarantee maximum hygiene.

Just a few minutes from the hotel, Montegrotto offers a dog park with two separate and fenced areas where dogs can run free. In addition, the Reception can also suggest pedestrian areas and trails for beautiful walks.

Balanced meals

Upon request, we prepare balanced meals with rice, meat or fish and vegetables.
The servings are:

  • snall (100g) € 3,50
  • medium (500g) €7,00
  • large (1000g) € 13,00

Available upon request:

  • Dog-Sitter
  • Veterinary service
  • Preparation of particularly foods
  • grooming/washing

These services must be requested and/or cancelled 24 hours in advance. (N.B. if you do not cancel in time you will be charged for the service)

**Ask Reception for detailed information on the costs of services and meals**

Dog Etiquette

We have a few and simple rules that we ask you to follow

“Rules for polite dog behaviour and living together”:

  1. Always keep dogs on their leashes in the common areas and do not let them jump onto sofas/chairs.
  2. Dogs can be kept next to your sunbeds in the external and lateral area of the park, with a water bowl. Staff will show you where to best accommodate yourselves.
  3. Dogs have access to all areas except for the indoor restaurants, the treatment areas and the indoor pools. They can also go onto the summer terrace of the Bistrot.
  4. For their physiological needs, dogs must be accompanied to the specific reserved areas and the “Dog Toilette” bins must be used.
  5. Owners will always be responsible for their dogs and any damage to persons or things. Owners must confirm being insured when booking. Hotel Miramonti will not be liable in any way for damage caused by dogs to third parties, persons, things, or other animals.
  6. Noisy dogs that growl or bark will not be allowed to stay in the common areas.
  7. The animal’s behaviour must be managed by the owner so that other guests are not disturbed.
  8. Animals must not be left alone in the rooms during the entire stay, above all if they are not used to being alone and therefore bark, disturbing the other guests.

Reserved Areas

We have reserved special areas for dogs on the side of the Relilax park, where they can go to the bathroom and walk, with two “Dog Toilette” equipped with hygienic bags and for disposal.

One area is in front of the main hotel entrance and the other is in the back, after the bridge that leads to the Relilax thermal baths on the right.

IMPORTANT: Accommodation for dogs is based on availability and must be agreed upon when booking. The number is subject to a quota in order to guarantee everyone a peaceful stay.

We look forward to calling you back!
Service available Monday to Friday:
in office hours 8:00 - 18:30

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