Saint Anthony’s Basilica

Just 15 km from Montegrotto Terme stands one of the most interesting monuments in the area, Saint Anthony’s Basilica. You can conveniently reach the center of Padua from our hotel by public transport or booking a private transfer service. The current Basilica is mainly the result reached after three reconstructions, which took place over a period of seventy years: 1238-1310.

Link: www.basilicadelsanto.org

Visiting Saint Anthony’s Basilica is very simple, opening hours are flexible and you can find all the information by clicking here.

Villa dei Vescovi

The undisputed beauty of Villa dei Vescovi dominates the rural landscape of the Euganean Hills in Luvigliano, outside Padua. It is located just 10 minutes from our hotel and is a marvellous destination that is easy to reach.

The Villa is splendid testimony of great Italian civil architecture, an exceptionally important monument in the vast realm of Veneto villas, due to its ability to introduce Roman classical architecture on the mainland of the Republic of Venice. Villa dei Vescovi was built in the first half of the 1500s and was donated to FAI in 2005.

After five centuries, Villa dei Vescovi maintains its original ideal of life, which assigns a moral value to nature and the landscape, able to cultivate the spirit and inspire the mind.

Opening hours and useful info

Via dei Vescovi 4
35031 Luvigliano di Torreglia, Padua
Tel. 049 9930473 – Fax 049 9933395
e-mail: [email protected]

Doge's Palace

A 25 minutes train trip will bring you to one of Venice’s most magnificent buildings: the Doge’s Palace. Next to San Mark’s square you will find this masterpiece of gothic architecture that dates back to the 14th century. It was once the political centre of the Venetian Republic and here you can also visit the ancient prisons in which the famous Casanova spent some time.

Visiting the Doge’s Palace is very simple, opening hours are flexible and you can find all the information by clicking here.

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