Are you looking for an hotel in Montegrotto Terme with esthetic treatments? You are in the perfect place. Our Beauty Farm suggest to guests many treatments for your beauty.

Our facility combines thermal well-being treatment with other services and there are not many hotels that  offers  beauty  therapy in Montegrotto. We can affirm that a perfect  offer as our cannot be found.

You can book your stay together with many types of treatments you will find listed in this page or we can suggest you to wait for the first conversation with our Guest Relation Terme who will help you in your choice.

Many are the proposals waiting for you in our hotel  and in “Giardino fiorito”

  • FACIAL MASK FOR HEADHACHE AND SINUSITIS WITH MUG FANGO VIVO®,  It is also used for  skin or hair disorder, to tone, slime down and to recover cellulite
  • MESOTERAPIAreducing with small nails and allopatic and omeopatic products
  • MINILIFTINGface and body vibrational waves
  • Modelling and stimulatingPULSfor your silhouette

Not only these treatments! Discover our hotel 2017  price list near Abano Terme.
If you need to have more information, contact us. We will be happy to help you!