Inhalation treatments

Montegrotto Terme thermal inhalation treatments

Thermal inhalation treatments are fundamental for those who suffer from respiratory tract disorders and they can also help prevent infections.

They also help solve ear, nose and throat problems.

This type of thermal treatment is particularly recommended because it exploits the curative power of the mineral-rich thermal water.

In fact, sodium chloride, bromide and iodide have the following properties:

  • Anti-inflammatory effects that last even months after the treatment,
  • They stimulate the immune system, causing the organism to produce immunoglobins,
  • Antiseptic action above all for mucous membranes and skin;
  • Ability to eliminate elements that lead to pathologies.

The treatment is administered as an aerosol, inhalation or medicament. In fact, we add decongestant substances if necessary. Rhinitis, ear infections, pharyngitis and various forms of bronchitis can be cured thanks to thermal treatments.

Affiliated treatments

Abano Terme is also very close to Padua, if you are from the area you can benefit from these treatments as we operate within the local healthcare system.

Come to the Giardino Fiorito, at the Reception on the first floor with our specialized staff, in order to book the obligatory medical exam.

After assessing your needs, an appropriate plan will be prepared and you can start your treatments.

We are certain that you will truly benefit from them.

To fully understand what staying in our structure is like, please read the pages about the hotel. You will be able to see the broad array of services we offer and our dedication to guests.

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