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Montegrotto Terme Mud baths, our life

It has been established that the thermal mud in Montegrotto Terme has a strong impact on the prevention and treatment of cellular degeneration and aging phenomena. The mud in Abano and Montegrotto Terme has UNIQUE properties. Rich in organic substances, it contains the only alga of its kind in the world, named ETS-05 by the University of Padua.

In 2005, the main anti-inflammatory ingredients of Euganean thermal mud were patented on a European level under No. EP 05100038. In Montegrotto, mud therapy is prescribed for osteoarticular syndromes, inflammatory rheumatism, sports injuries, and pain treatment with excellent results.

Our hotel with Spa has created wellness offers that enable guests to enjoy a relaxing holiday while following a weight-loss program that includes the use of thermal mud, which we have personalized and patented at Relilax under the name Fango Vivo. We can therefore soothe and cure the problems that are traditionally solved by thermal mud and at the same time have a product that permits us to efficiently treat people with the help of a balanced diet.


What are the properties of thermal mud?

  • Antioxidant: significant reduction in free radicals with an anti-age effect;
  • Analgesic: with heat it causes decontracture and the production of endorphins, which are responsible for making us feel good;
  • Anti-inflammatory: thanks to thermal stress and the release of the main ingredients, cortisol production is stimulated and consequently the severe phases of inflammation are alleviated;
  • Stimulates cartilage production: self-healing mechanisms are accelerated;
  • Detoxifying: increases metabolism and sweating, therefore eliminating toxins during treatments with heat;
  • Benefits skin: acts as a beauty mask, a true natural scrub;
  • Antistress: as the sessions progress, it improves your mood and frees repressed energy.

We would like to point out that the Thermal Center of the hotel operates within the local healthcare service so it can also be used by people not staying at the hotel.

Contact us for more information, we will be happy to help you.


The benefits of the water and mud produced in these areas have been known since Roman times, and in our particular case, they are to be found in a splendid place.

We are situated at the base of the Euganean Hills which provide a wonderful view from the terraces of the rooms, and this is where the oldest thermal center in Europe is found: Abano and Montegrotto Terme. Hence, we know about these cures and treatments since antiquity and over the years their profile has grown too.

Unique features

We are proud to say that the mud from Abano and Montegrotto Terme has UNIQUE features.

Very rich in organic substances, it contains an alga that is unique all over the world, named ETS-05 by the Università di Padova (Padua University).

In 2005, the anti-inflammatory active ingredients of Euganean thermal mud were patented at European level under the no. EP 05100038. In fact, continued studies and research are carried out by our Staff, especially as they are the basis for the vast majority of the solutions that we recommend.

This is also what inspired us to patent Fango Vivo®, too, rich in therapeutic potential and with exceptional anti-aging power. You can read the specifics of its features and the thermal treatments linked to it on its specially prepared page.

Specific thermal treatments

Here you can learn about what you can try out at our Hotel in Montegrotto. Specific thermal treatments that are verified with our Medical Director and the rest of the Staff.

  • Thermal bath with revitalizing, relaxing and oxygenating ozone: in an individual tub with restorative ozonized water.
  • Wrap with “Relilax® Mangosteen” thermal vapor cave: a tropical fruit with antioxidant properties that is combined with vitamins and water, a method that helps limit the aging process.
  • Lymphatic drainage thermal water pressure therapy: personalized natural salt baths with manually directed jets of water.

Contact us to find the option that best suits your needs. We’ll be waiting!

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