BIA exam

BIA exam in Montegrotto Terme, the beginning of a path to weight loss

In order to start a diet, you will undergo a BIA exam (Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis), which enables us to understand your body composition.

It is the first step on your path to weight loss, after an interview with our dietician at our hotel in Montegrotto Terme.

How does the BIA exam work?

It measures fat-free body mass and body fat by passing a small current between electrodes. You will not feel anything during this exam. Based on the presence of water and fat, the instrument will give us all the data we need to prescribe an appropriate diet.

After performing this exam and confirming the diet plan with the Health Director, Nicoletta will give instructions to the Restaurant so you will be served the right meals and she will assist you during your stay, both evaluating the progress of your massages and treatments and responding to any doubts, sensations or uncertainties you may have.

Book a wellness holiday at our Hotel, just around the corner from Abano and Padua. You can join “business” with pleasure: lose those annoying extra kilos while relaxing at Relilax Spa.

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