Arquà Petrarca, one of the most beautiful hamlets in Italy

Visiting Arquà Petrarca Arquà Petrarca is a magnificent hamlet about 15 minutes from our Hotel and is a destination we...

Relilax® is becoming a Boutique Hotel, the same soul in a more beautiful guise.

Our family has been passionate about Hospitality since 1863, and in 2018 there was an important transformation: the renovation of over 70 bedrooms, the restaurant,...

Relilax Renewal: New hotel, same soul

2018 is going to be another year of RENEWAL for us. It is with great excitement that we announce we...

The wonder of things from times gone by and much more: Piazzola sul Brenta, the market

The wonder of things from times gone by and much more: Piazzola sul Brenta, the market A few short kilometers from our Spa Hotel, there...

The Anti-age hair treatment in the spa and thermal pools

Give hair new life with the “Relilax Hydrating Hyaluronic Acid Trichological Treatment” Here at the Relilax Spa in Montegrotto Terme,...

Why Valentine’s day?

Our Hotel and Spa is an increasingly popular place for couples who gift each other relaxation days in the pools and thermal baths under the...

Mud therapy, Spa and diet: the perfect combination

AlcaRelilax, Fango Vivo® and a liquid diet: the perfect combination! Mud therapy is for old people… how many times have...

A day in Venice by train leaving from Montegrotto Terme: yes, you can!

This account was kindly written by Ms. Seno, our dear Guest and an avid traveler! A day in Venice by train leaving from Montegrotto Terme:...

Night Light Massage, a unique experience

In the Relilax world, we always try to offer unique experiences, to give you that feeling you cannot find anywhere...

Four-legged friends at Relilax

Hi everyone, my name’s Tina Pica, I’m a little dog, I’m 15 years old and for over 12 years I’ve been going to the Relilax...

The magic brushstroke of well-being

The fantastic brushing method is long-standing; being introduced in the west by Abbott Sebastian Kneipp in the mid-1800s. The idea...

See “Les Nabis” after a spa day

If you find yourself with an afternoon free and you don’t know what to do, I suggest seeing the Les Nabis exhibit in Rovigo at...

Relilax Blog

We finally made up our minds: the Relilax blog is a must! We hesitated to create it because while we’re...

The Sengiari Winery

The Sengiari Winery, what a beautiful place! We’re a Hotel with Spa and yet we’re telling you about wine. That’s because vineyards abound in our territory and...

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