Mud therapy, Spa and diet: the perfect combination

24 Jan 2018
Mud therapy, Spa and diet: the perfect combination

AlcaRelilax, Fango Vivo® and a liquid diet: the perfect combination!

Mud therapy is for old people… how many times have you heard this said? Not true!
For some years now we no longer hold onto the idea that thermal mud is good for nothing but as a simple treatment for the elderly and we finally understand the importance of preventionand the use of mud at a young age to safeguard our future wellness as well as an effective and natural beauty treatment, and this is the basis for every Relilax program.
Aside from the traditional mud therapy, our Beauty Farm has a new generation spa with pools that make your wellness and slimming goals a real relaxation vacation.

Relilax Fango Vivo® and thermal treatments are the essential natural elements in every Relilax program.

Our careful statistical analysis has revealed that 70% of our guests choose this program with a view to Slimming and Toning.
The Relilax program is more than just weight loss, it gives guests the chance to de-stress and move away from incorrect eating habits.
In 2015 we began to incorporate at least one day of Relilax Liquid Diet, in order to give the entire body an opportunity to digest and eliminate toxins.

In so doing, the body can deep cleanse and heal itself.


  • Safe and healthy weight loss
  • Detachment from reliance on food
  • Feeling of lightness
  • Decongestion and purification of all tissues
  • Detox of internal organs
  • High energy

Numerous studies have found that a detox program can be significant even if it is followed for just two days. There are no side effects, yet it allows the body to be free of the toxemia which is often the cause of weight gain and feeling unwell.

How does Fango Vivo® work during the slimming/detox program?

  • Speeds up the metabolism: it has been proven that the vasodilation and increased oxygenation induced by the mud boosts calorie consumption.
  • Increases and releases beta endorphins: these give the body a feeling of psycho-physical wellness, which is an important aid in diet programs, and stronger resistance to sensations of hunger
  • Increases DHEAS production(youth hormone): helps reduce age-related waistline growth.
  • Eliminates liquids and toxins:due to the hyper-osmolarity of water and the hyper-perspiration induced by Fango Vivo®.

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