Montegrotto Terme thermal pools: a presentation

Come visit us at our thermal pools in Montegrotto Terme.

Since 1980 Hotel Terme Miramonti has been studying the best solution for its guests and then opening its own Beauty Farm to the public as well. Our swimming pools amaze guests for their scenographic beauty, but above all for the benefits they bring. During the building process we wanted to source innovative and low environmental impact techniques and materials: from slate to amazonite, steel to glass, and water-based paint to the use of natural lime. Our strongest wish was to keep anything artificial out of this peaceful oasis as much as we possibly could.

Relilax SPA is our answer to your desire for wellness and we have built two unique pools within our structure. Our swimming pools amaze guests for their scenographic beauty, but above all for the benefits they bring.

Montegrotto is famous for being part of the oldest thermal center in Europe, for over 2000 years the precious water in this area has been treating and soothing various pains of the human body.

In these pages we will give you further information on:

Le Palme

The 800-sq-m outdoor pool with an irregular shape that recalls the setting of a caribbean beach and has various hydromassage posts. Its uniqueness also lies in the composition of the water: it does not contain chlorine, rather a mix of magnesium and potassium that makes skin more beautiful, without altering its balance, and is very relaxing.


Is an indoor pool with 400 sq m of curative water, it is also equipped with hydromassage and waterfalls on the pool walls, which can be manually operated, to massage the neck and shoulders. The name of this fascinating pool comes from its slate tiles and the way it reflects light creates a stunning effect.

“The Spa”

Which features: a mini magnesium and potassium water pool, a Finnish sauna, a bio-sauna, a steam room, a sensory experience with a walk on riverbed stones, sensory showers and the entire area offering a Bistrot, where you can eat in your bath robe, and a lounge room to relax in, while drinking a Relilax Spa herbal tea.

Relilax in Montegrotto is one of the best-known wellness centers in the area and guests who enjoyed it from their very first experience don’t hesitate to book their next stay in this Hotel and Spa with pools and thermal treatments.

What’s more, Montegrotto Terme and Abano are a short ride from Padua (just 15 minutes) and are often visited by locals in search of some peace at the weekend or a way to break up the week by coming here to us.

It’s important to note that there is a quota of day spa passes for issue and this is decided according to how many guests are staying in the Hotel. This is on order to offer everybody the relaxation and vital spaces that would otherwise not be possible.

These pages will show you what we created for you. We really look forward to seeing you so that we can welcome you, pamper you and see you off all relaxed and happy with your thermal pool, massage and spa vacation.

For those who wish to come here without staying overnight at our Hotel in Montegrotto Terme, all information and prices for day spa passes are available by clicking here Day Spa.

Piscina Le Palme

Piscina Montegrotto Terme, Le Palme

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Piscina Ardesia

Piscina termale interna

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Minipool bolle

Piscina idromassaggio minipool "Bolle"

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Bio Sauna

Biosauna, relax leggero

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Bagno Turco

Bagno turco in quarzite naturale

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Sauna Finlandese

Sauna finlandese in legno di cedro

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Docce Aromaterapiche

Docce Aromaterapiche per il risveglio

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Day Spa

Day spa Montegrotto terme, regalalo

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Eventi piscine spa, feste 5 stelle

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