Four-legged friends at Relilax

08 Jul 2017
Four-legged friends at Relilax

Hi everyone, my name’s Tina Pica, I’m a little dog, I’m 15 years old and for over 12 years I’ve been going to the Relilax Hotel Terme Miramonti and the area around the Euganean Hills.

At my venerable age, I’m definitely a good guide: I’ll personally cover this section of the blog, I’ll be your narrator and I’ll give you useful information on vacations in this area, as well as many tips and curious facts related to us dogs.

I’ve really seen and done a lot of things!

In this first post, I’m going to tell you something about this hotel, since that’s where I’m writing to you from.

The Relilax is Dog Friendly! We’re really welcome, in fact, your room has a soft dog’s bed, a bowl, a bone to chew on, and a dog waste bag holder, the latter a gift you can take home.

There are some rules to follow so that all the guests can feel at home. We have access to all the areas except the indoor restaurants and the treatment areas and indoor pools; we can also go on the summer terrace of the Bistrot and in the pool park, we have special areas where we can stay with our beloved two-legged friends.

What’s really nice is that nearby there are many places to take beautiful walks at the foot of the hills and surrounded by nature. The Guest Relations or Reception staff can give you all the information you need to reach safe and fun paths, without having to travel far.

If our two-legged friends don’t feel like taking us for a walk because they want to spend the entire day between the pools and massages, for an additional charge there’s a service of excellent dog sitters, affectionate young ladies who adore dogs and will happily take us for walks.

Upon request and if any need should arise, there’s a trusted vet who will also come directly to the hotel, he’s really good and is an expert on natural medicine and nutrition, but I’ll tell you more about that in another post ?

See you soon,

Tina Pica


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