The Sengiari Winery

12 May 2016
The Sengiari Winery

The Sengiari Winery, what a beautiful place!

We’re a Hotel with Spa and yet we’re telling you about wine. That’s because vineyards abound in our territory and the excellent products these small wineries offer express the Euganean Hills and its history.

We listen to our guests’ suggestions and we often offer last minute and special offers to discover these outstanding products because relaxation, spa, food and wine are the perfect combination. Today I’m going to tell you about the Sengiari Winery, which is located just 10 minutes from our hotel.

The fourth-generation owner, Stefano Dainese, pours obsessive care into this winery and transmits his passion with a glance.

It is situated in the town of Tramonte and the vineyards fan out over the gentle slopes of Colle Sengiari, which gives the winery its name.


A wonderful detail is that all work on the vineyards is done by hand, including the harvest. This painstaking care and attention recall an old tradition, which allows making premium wines that are full of love.

Stefano is an attentive host and infallible guide; it’s a pleasure to be led by him on the discovery of what is more than just a winery, as Sengiari has become a rural tourism establishment that I personally define as shabby chic, a term perhaps overused but I can assure you here it is in the most positive sense. The attention to details in this farmhouse is clear as soon as you walk through the gate.

The photos give you a hint of the magic of this place!

An excellent way to relax is a tour of the winery, which culminates in a tasting in the wine cellar, where you can admire the oak wine barrels or the Euganean Hills, both truly charming.

Our Guest Relations organizes tours and private tastings for guests at Relilax and I guarantee they are extremely interesting.

“Wine is bottled poetry.” – Robert Louis Stevenson

Until the next winery,



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