5-star Hotel in Montegrotto Terme: we are what we eat

The “Ginco” restaurant in our 5-star Hotel in Montegrotto Terme serves lunch and dinner.
And you can enjoy breakfast on the first floor in the Belvedere Room.

There is something unusual about our 5 star Hotel that we must tell you: As Montegrotto is a thermal center, we decided to prepare a menu that allows you to feel the benefits of the mud and water from our pools at the table as well.

Quality ingredients

Traditional Veneto region dishes are re-imagined, bearing correct and complete nutrition in mind. Organic and natural foods and following seasonality are the cornerstones of our cooking.

Generally our guests book half- or full-board for their wellness holiday, spending the morning at our wellness center, then going up to their room to dress (the restaurant is the only place you cannot enter wearing a bath robe) and they enjoy 3 buffets (appetizers, fruit and vegetables, desserts) and a very wide selection of dishes.

The menu

There are 4 first courses and second courses, including the Chef’s choice and a regional dish, 2 sides, accompanying wine, and dessert from our “Deliziosi Talenti” bakery, which makes cakes, biscuits and little sweetmeats for the Hotel.

And if you have any occasion to celebrate, all you need to do is let the bakers know and your personalized cake will be ready to go.

Montegrotto and nearby Abano Terme will begin to feel like home to you, we are certain of it, and we will spoil and pamper you while tantalizing your palate. And that’s not all, if you have chosen the nutrition package, the dietitian will speak directly to the Maître d’, so you won’t have to worry about following a diet, because we will take care of your every need for you.


a Relilax Methode® menu


The breakfast

Belvedere breakfast


Sit at the table with us

Ginco restaurant

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