Finnish sauna

Montegrotto Terme Spa: Finnish sauna in cedar wood

Montegrotto Terme Spa: Finnish sauna in cedar wood

Enter our spa in Montegrotto Terme and the Finnish sauna will be one of the places that will win you over.

The benefits of this sauna are:

  • Stimulating tissue restructuring;
  • Eliminates toxins from dilated pores;
  • Strengthens the immune system, with an increase in the antibody immunoglobulin a;
  • Relaxes muscles;
  • Reactivates blood circulation;
  • Helps regulate sleep.

At the entrance to our Spa in Montegrotto Terme, we hand out a brochure that informs you on the correct use of each facility and suggests three different itineraries. This sauna is part of the Energy itinerary.

However, be careful if this is your first time, considering the temperatures (70/90°C) and humidity (15/25%) we recommend staying only as long as your body accepts it. If you are not able to stay inside for the entire duration, it is not a problem.


You can also try the biosauna, made from the wood of mountain farmhouses. It is a lighter experience thanks to the (60/70 °C) and relative humidity (40%).

Come visit us at the Spa.
Montegrotto, a town near Abano, is just around the corner from Padua, in a strategic location that is well connected to the main arterial roads. We also offer a transfer service if you have particular needs. Try a relaxing stay at our hotel: we are certain you will be satisfied.

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