Le Palme Pool

Montegrotto Terme Pool, Le Palme

Montegrotto Terme Pool, Le Palme

Would you expect to find an outdoor pool in Montegrotto Terme that looks like the Caribbean?

Relilax Spa, the heart of wellness, at the Terme di Relilax Boutique Hotel & Spa Hotel Terme, is equipped with over 800 sq. m of special water that stands out from all the other thermal pools.
The special floor in quartz sand reflects the sun, giving you a golden suntan similar to the color you would get lying on a Caribbean beach. There are little islands of Brazilian stones in the pool, where you can sit and cool off during the hot summer and in some points, there are soft slopes that recall the water’s edge.

Brazilian stones, hydro-massages with micro-bubbles and Magnesium

Within this exclusive pool you will find little islands of Brazilian stones where you can sit and enjoy the warm waters during the winter months.

In some areas there are gentle slopes that bring to mind the water’s edge and let us immerse ourselves in nature with the help of delicate micro-bubble hydro-massage areas that are manually operated as desired.

Many Oriental cultures consider Magnesium an essential element for the human body, just like air and water. We often refer to magnesium as “the miracle mineral” or “the mineral of beauty”.

This is the basis of the thought and inspiration of those who have studied and patented this system.  When compared to traditional systems with salt or a high concentration of chlorine, it offers an alternative that is considerably healthier and in harmony with the environment.

What can the benefits of water rich in Magnesium and Potassium minerals be?

  • Reduces anxiety and stress
  • Alleviates pain
  • Re-stabilizes the sleep cycle
  • Softens skin making it smooth and healthy
  • Stimulates vital energy
  • Reduces environmental impact thanks to a decrease in water consumption and to the elimination of aggressive chemicals, and it also allows this same water to be re-used to water the surrounding green area.

This patent is based on mineral science therapy and refers to the absorption of magnesium through the skin.

This trans-dermal method is highly effective in helping the body to increase and maintain optimal Magnesium levels, and therefore to establish a state of wellness.

First spa in Europe

You should know that Relilax was the first spa in Europeto use this system for its pool, a system that has won several awards at an international level for its quality and its innovation.  The building process is the core of the entire project as it involves an encasement made of natural quartz stone sand that is molded by hand onto a system of structural mesh, all placed on top of a highly flexible and impermeable layer recommended by Greenpeace as an alternative waterproofing system to PVC.

The result: an almost 800 m² pool entirely free of reinforced concrete, and a potentially moveable technology as it is not anchored to the ground.

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When you arrive at Relilax, our Guest Relation Manager will accompany you and guide you on your discovery of this exclusive pool and the whole thermal area.

If you wish to use the pools and thermal area as Day Spa guests, please read the information and costs by clicking here

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