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Montegrotto Terme SPA hydromassage pool

Montegrotto Terme SPA hydromassage pool

Relilax Spa in Montegrotto Terme has a very special indoor hydromassage pool.

It employs the same principle as the outdoor one, which is Magnesium & Potassium, in a miniature version.

It has two different types of hydromassages and the setting changes thanks to the lights effects of chromotherapy.

Ancient civilizations were already familiar with this practice and over the years it has become part of our daily lives. At our Spa in Montegrotto we wanted to add it in order to give you the best of everything that can help you relax and regenerate. Benefits differ according to the colours, let the water cradle you, speak in a soft voice, which we request to respect peace and relaxation, then go back to try the Finnish sauna or the biosauna or Turkish bath.

What can the benefits of water rich in Magnesium and Potassium minerals be?

  • Reduces anxiety and stress
  • Alleviates pain
  • Re-stabilizes the sleep cycle
  • Softens skin making it smooth and healthy
  • Stimulates vital energy
  • Reduces environmental impact thanks to a decrease in water consumption and to the elimination of aggressive chemicals, and it also allows this same water to be re-used to water the surrounding green area.

The silence corner

The hotel has created a silence corner next to the pool, where you can relax after experiencing the pool. There is water or herbal tea available so you can replenish the liquids lost during your spa treatments.

Montegrotto Terme is waiting for you, just around the corner from Padua and Abano, very close to the highways and also convenient by train. We can assure you that a wellness holiday at our hotel will be a beautiful memory.

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