The Anti-age hair treatment in the spa and thermal pools

07 Mar 2018
The Anti-age hair treatment in the spa and thermal pools

Give hair new life with the “Relilax Hydrating Hyaluronic Acid Trichological Treatment”
Here at the Relilax Spa in Montegrotto Terme, we remain committed to the study of new formulations and new applications of active ingredients.
We have developed a state of the art, hydrating, hyaluronic acid based trichological treatment, the first to successfully utilize this precious element to strengthen keratin and not only to restore skin.

Our hair, just as much as our skin, is exposed to repeated aggression daily caused by pollution, the sun, saltwater or pool water, bad eating habits, tension, stress and hormonal imbalances. All factors that help weaken the hair, making it thinner and less shiny. Let’s not forget that more and more frequently both men and women are losing excessive amounts of hair, to the point where there are now 6 million people in Italy alone with this condition.

Relilax researchers noticed that hyaluronic acid nourishes, protects and hydrates the keratin in hair, an essential element that determines its health and beauty, adding shine and volume. Hyaluronic acid plays an effective role in repairing the shaft and the protein structure of hair, therefore making it stronger, healthier and more protected from the elements.

The treatment is carried out in our Thermal Beauty Centerand is applied in the form of a compress on the scalp and on individual moistened locks of hair; it is then left to rest for at least 15 minutes wrapped in a warm cloth. The hair is then washed using a special shampoo, which is also hyaluronic acid based, and massaged with acupressure on the head and neck to aid and reactivate micro-circulation and give a relaxing sensation.

This effect can also be kept up at home by purchasing a 150ml bottle on sale in the Beauty area.

Our goal is to guide our guests even when they are back home, and by creating our own exclusive cosmetics line we can achieve this, bringing the products you tried during your vacation here at Relilax Thermal Baths home with you.

Also recommended by the experts is treatment by mouth using supplements high in vitamins and mineral salts.

You will look and feel as if you have a new, totally regenerated, head of hair!

Relilax Beauty Staff


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